Serving Central Virginia’s Counties and Cities

Working with businesses, municipalities, and individuals alike, Ballato Law Firm, P.C. has extensive experience in handling delinquent accounts throughout central Virginia for a diverse and wide-ranging client base. The Ballato Law Firm staff offers its legal services in a number of different areas, including:

  • Local government and municipal collections for past due taxes, utilities, penalties, interest, and fees;
  • Collections of delinquent balances owed to doctors, dentists, medical providers, accountants, engineers, and other professionals;
  • Recovery of loan deficiencies and defaults on promissory notes or other debt obligations owed to banks, mortgage companies, or other lending institutions;
  • Debt recovery for businesses on past due receivables, delinquent accounts, and bad debt write-offs; and
  • Collection of amounts owed in connection with the writing of bad checks or insufficient funds checks, including statutory fees, costs, and penalties.

Working with Our Clients

Ballato Law Firm involves the client in the collection process. Each debt requires a review of the background information. There may be a signed contract, a purchase order, a lease, a bad check, or a credit application that will shed light on the best course of action in your particular case. Mike will discuss the options and challenges presented by each case, and how best to proceed. In addition-and just as importantly—an acceptable fee arrangement for handling the matter will be discussed.

Only after all the questions have been answered, and a mutual decision is made to undertake the collection matter, will work begin.

Where counties, cities, municipalities, and other local government bodies need help in collecting fines, unpaid utility charges, taxes and other municipal fees, Ballato Law Firm, P.C. has the personnel and the experience to work with the appropriate departments in a coordinated effort to recover the unpaid debt from the businesses or citizens owing those amounts. Using both legal action and direct contact with taxpayers, Ballato Law Firm recognizes the need that local government has to meet revenue predictions while working with its citizens’ financial hardships.

Where hospitals, doctors, dentists, accountants, engineers, and providers of other professional services face challenges in the recovery of charges for specialized services, Ballato Law Firm, P.C. can assist in the review of contracts and business agreements. Sometimes this involves issues of insurance coverage. Other times it raises questions of personal guaranty, or joint obligation of spouses. The pursuit of delinquent claims against patients and customers demands a careful and thorough review of detailed account ledgers or medical records, and Ballato Law Firm has the personnel and the experience to coordinate efforts to recover unpaid debt from the appropriate parties.

The economic difficulties facing many individuals and businesses have resulted in an increase in defaulted loans and foreclosure proceedings by banks and mortgage companies. The pressure placed on banks and other lenders to recover loan collateral or to establish deficiency judgments leads them to use the services of Ballato Law Firm. While the prospects of bankruptcy and bad debt write-offs are always a possibility, the legal services of Mike Ballato and his staff have often been successful in obtaining judgments and thereafter working with delinquent borrowers in establishing payment arrangements in lieu of those customers filing for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 relief. At the same time, the use of garnishments and debtor interrogatories remain as useful backups to enforce judgment liens or to obtain financial information.

The stress placed on businesses to recover their account receivables is never-ending, and more important than ever during these turbulent economic times. Addressing the non-payment of bills, and balancing the need to retain good customers is a goal and strength of Ballato Law Firm.

Serving Central Virginia’s Needs for Recovery of Bad Checks

The disruption of business by the return of checks for insufficient funds is more than an annoyance. Bad checks hurt business and create headaches for everything from predicted cash flow to balancing check books. Instead of writing-off those bad checks, consult with Ballato Law Firm about the options of collection.

Effecting recovery of commercial business debt throughout central Virginia. Commercial Property/real estate leases, equipment leases, heavy equipment, medical equipment, dental equipment, vehicle leases, IT and computer technology equipment, financing debt, every type of business financing debt, insurance, including subrogation, premium recovery, recovery of fraudulent or erroneous payments. All types of commercial or business contract litigation, written contracts, verbal contracts, notes, leases, security agreements, open account balances, contractual or negligent property damage claims.

Collecting on a Variety of Outstanding Debts

Ballato Law Firm, P.C. assists in collection of a wide variety of delinquent or unpaid claims. Such amounts may arise from promissory notes, personal loans, written or unwritten contracts, unpaid commissions, earned premiums, or other obligations.