Where counties, cities, municipalities, and other local government bodies need help in collecting fines, unpaid utility charges, taxes and other municipal fees, Ballato Law Firm, P.C. has the personnel and the experience to work with the appropriate departments in a coordinated effort to recover the unpaid debt from the businesses or citizens owing those amounts. Using both legal action and direct contact with taxpayers, Ballato Law Firm recognizes the need that local government has to meet revenue predictions while working with its citizens’ financial hardships.


Ballato Law Firm has served both the City of Richmond and Henrico County in Virginia with their recovery of debt arising from a variety of instances including:

  • Real estate or property taxes
  • Utilities (water, electricity, gas)
  • Business license taxes
  • Public Landfill fees
  • Subrogation Recovery for Property Damage
  • Bad checks
  • False alarm fees
  • Parks and recreation fees

The knowledge and experience gained from representing governmental entities has shown that taxpayers and citizens respond most positively where incentive based solutions are presented. The use of legal action to obtain judgment is sometimes the motivation to obtain payment. Resolving reasonable disputes through due process in courts allows taxpayers the opportunity to be heard, while also providing ample tools to maximize the recovery of the unpaid amounts.