Commercial and residential landlords face situations where tenants fail to pay rent, or violate lease terms, or damage the leased property, or have to be evicted. In dealing with such situations, the Ballato Law Firm offers extensive legal experience both in and out of court.

At Ballato Law Firm, P.C., we assist landlords in the recovery of claims from both current and former tenants. Among the services offered in connection with landlord/tenant matters, the firm provides the following:

  • Review of commercial and residential leases for landlords and property owners;
  • Assist in enforcement of lease terms and conditions;
  • Filing of Unlawful Detainer Actions in pursuit of unpaid rent; and
  • Filing of Warrants in Debt for recovery of damages that exceed security deposits.

Whether to Hire a Lawyer?

It can be time consuming for landlords to take action on their own against tenants who owe back rent. In many cases there are the technical requirements of pay or quit notices, and the proper preparation of an unlawful detainer. There is the time spent in attending court and presenting the documentation in support of the claim. There are issues of proper notice, reservation of rent, calculation of damages, escrowing of rent, determination of late fees, etc. In consideration of the many exacting details it is easy to see the value of having a knowledgeable attorney to handle such matters. Even after judgment is obtained, the landlord is faced with the choices of whether to evict or not. There is also the question on how best to collect the awarded rent or other damage amounts. The Ballato Law Firm can help with the arrangements for tenant evictions or for post judgment garnishments.

Payment for Legal Services?

The payment of legal fees in a legal action against a tenant is usually controlled by the language found in the lease. In most cases the tenant is obligated to pay for the landlord’s fees and costs incurred as a result of a default under the lease. This means that the attorney fees and costs are added to the rent and damages as additional amounts due and payable by the tenant.

As with all legal matters handled by the Ballato Law Firm, the facts of each case are reviewed to determine how best to proceed, and how the payment for legal services will be handled. The ownership of rental property presents many opportunities for both financial gain and loss. Minimize the risk of loss through the use of a capable and competent attorney.